Need to lower seat height

I am wanting to lower the seat height in order to reach the ground more easily. I fall over some since I'm 5'9", 170 lbs with only a 30" inseam. I figured I could just cut the foam down from the stock seat and then get it re-covered. Who does the re-covering or is this an easy do it yourself project. It does not seem hard to re-cover. Any one do it themselves? Should mention that a suspension rebuild to lower the bike is out of the question. Thanks.

[ January 26, 2002: Message edited by: Pooley ]

I am about 5'9" tall with a 27" inseam, and to ride my bike all I had to do is slip my forks up in my triple trees about 3/4". if you havent done this yet I would recomend it. you will see just how far you can go by the machined seats for the triple tree on your fork tubes. good luck, and recovering the seat is easy....with an air or electric stapler that is. just tack the front and the rear and work over one side at a time.



your diagonal downtubes on the suframe...

remove 15mm and reweld. done it and it worked a treat. to be honest it was easier on climbs.

go into search and chuck a load of words at it.

if you find it let us know the name.


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