05 wr 450 overheating any advice would be much appreciated.

bike has a desert tank gas boils coolant is full and fresh why is my bike overheating,water pump?maybe air in coolant system? thanx so much for replies.tt rules!

Re-Jet and use Engine Ice, do a search too...

am using engine ice will try to rejet thanks.

Overheating... my 05 only overheated when I was running a little lean. Try going up one position on the needle clip. See if you you notice a slight difference without it bogging.

You may just need to burp the system. Take the cap off and tip the bike over as much as possible without dumping out a bunch of coolant. Do this in both directions. If you have an air bubble, there could be cavitation and the coolant may not have been circulating properly.

If that doesn't work, do what everyone else does and revalve your suspension and install a JD jet kit..... perhaps some other bling might do the job too.

No really, start with the simple things first. If you say that your bike has fresh coolant, that means that you recently changed it and that would account for the trapped air.

Toes in and on the gas...


Also make sure that your hot start plunger is not stuck open.

Toes in and on the gas...


Lean = hot.

If your WR is stock try putting the baffel in. The baffel tends to run the bike rich = cool. I use my baffel for road rinding, it keeps the bike quite and cool in town. The trick is jetting so the bike starts and runs with and with out the baffel, unless you dont need the cork at all :bonk:

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