WR wheel differences. Will they work?

Hi TT team. Its been a while since I have been on here but Im still rocking my 99 WR. I have street tags on it but I dont ride it on the road much. My VFR got totaled last fall so I want to really dual sprot the bike now. I want to get a second set of rims for it and mount some street meat. I have a good deal on a set of 03 WR 250 rims but Im not sure if they will fit my bike or not. Any one know?

I would think so but I started looking for a rear wheel bearing kit for my 99 only to find the bearings were unique to that year. Did they just change the bearings or are the wheels totaly different?

cool site, I added it to my links. Looks like the Axle and bearings are the same so that should mean it will fit.


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