Gearing: XR650L

What does everybody run for gears on their XRLs?

It seems to me that if any offroad riding is done, the bike needs to be geared down. I was following a Kawasaki 250 this weekend and in first gear through the technical stuff, I was practically running him over, I couldn't go slow enough.

I know this is a common question... but is there a happy medium that will give me somewhat lower gearing on the trails and enough high gear to still pass people on the road?

Lotsa people here run 14/48 for off road and 15/48 for street/


A compromise is 14/45, just get a 14 tooth countersprocket!

Start by getting a 14t and then if its not low enough get the 48 rear.

Any insight on what the stock chain will accommodate? I have dropped the front to a 14 tooth. I was thinking of adding teeth to the rear sprocket to gear it lower. I assume stock is 45 tooth. Will the stock chain take a 46 or 48 with a 14 front?

It should no problem i have lots of room to move my rear wheel in how it sits now

It will probably accomadate the 46 tooth rear, or even a 47 however I doubt seriously it will do 48 as denn10 states Two teeth equals about an inch and a half +/- of chain, or two links. You would have to move the rear wheel forward approximately 3/4" to accomadate a 48 tooth rear sprocket, unless your chain is already stretched to the point its wore out I doubt you have this much adjustment. You can get an RK xring chain, and JT steel sprockets in any gearing combination you want off ebay from seller DIRTPARTS for $90.

14/48 stock chain is fine- only a little wear on my chain, and its fits. I did have a 13 front before, so it might be a skosh tight with a brand-new chain.


what is it, 3 tooth change in the rear is = to 1 tooth change in front??

THANKS DAVE for backin me up there NICE TRY though REBEL

YES 3 rear is like 1 in front

i just put the 14/48 0n mine also bought a new chain to match. bike is apart now so cant tell you haw it is yet.

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