Sand berm.

So theres a sand berm at a track where me and a buddy ride and we are jsut trying to go faster through it. Any tips. It is about a 85-100 degree turn, deep sand and its really tall and slightly up hill. Ill get a pic tongiht. Thanks

have your braking done before the turn sit in the middle of the seat and have the gas on

In sand momentum is the key, so try making the riding the berm as wide as you can a few tmes to keep your speed up. When I hit a tall sand berm I allways try to hit it at a high enough speed to let the suspension compress when entering, once the bike starts to set down, open the throttle hard while leaning into the corner and rocket youself out. The more throttle you give the shaper you can make the trun. Keep your body weight way forward (Balls on the tank) The biggest thing is that you need to hit the berm fast enough to compress your bike, this give you the momentum and nessassary traction to rail around it.

I have very little time riding in the sand but I love it. I found that you can pretty much hammer the throttle the entire time your out. Like everyone said the Big Mo is important. Where I found trouble was going slow and trying to straight up turn the bike with my arms, smooth and fast will get you through it, also that whole thing where you drag your brakes in a turn, FORGET IT. That tech. is for the dirt alone my friends.

sandy berms take momentum hit it hard in 3rd

Everything mentioned above works great. I've also found that if it's deep sand in a sharp turn, you can enter it a bit slower than you normally would and let the front wheel sink in right about the middle of the turn. Stay way up on the tank. Right as it starts to sink in, turn the front wheel hard in the direction of the turn and get on the gas. If you time it right, that'll kick the back end around really fast and shoot you straight out! Great technique for squaring off the corner and turning underneath someone if it's a really tight turn. :bonk:

I ride a lot of sand down here in Texas, so every thing mentioned above is very good advice. Never use the front brake In the turn always before the turn. Keep up momentum, the cool thing about sand is it will adapt to the wheels. No matter what just keep on the gas and it will give you traction the entire way around...kind of like making your own berm in a berm. Hows that look. Thats the berm and my buddy ridin it. I'm about the same speed and i dont think thats as fast as we could go. Any tips on how riding position goes would be great too. Hows that look. Thats the berm and my buddy ridin it. I'm about the same speed and i dont think thats as fast as we could go. Any tips on how riding position goes would be great too.

Looks good! Two comments if I may... using the technique your buddy uses in the first time thru the corner, you can definitely go thru it faster - but don't worry, that will come as you ride more and gain confidence. Just get that inside leg out beside the front wheel and lean the bike into it. The way he went thru it the second time looks pretty much like what I was trying to describe in my previous post. Just kinda knife the front end around and shoot out. If the sand is deep enough towards the inside edge of the turn, that's a good way to scoot in under someone going up and around.

When you first start going faster thru turns like that, it can be a little intimidating... just remember, it's SAND... if the bike comes out from under you, it won't hurt (much)!!

Looks good!! Keep it up!! :bonk:

Definately get that right leg straight forward if it moves it throws all your balance off.

That turn looks like it's actually two turns with a tiny straight in the middle not a smooth sweeper.

His second time looks like the way to attack it.:bonk:

dude first pointer i will give has nothing to do with the turn.....STAND UP! Whoever that is comes down that bumpy straight sitting on their ass! ATTACK!!!!! Be on the gas knees bent ready to help soak up the bumps, next thing try to be smooth in the sand, i grew up riding in sand and the first thing is to make your turn as smooth as possible. It looks like your buddy is coming in knifing his front end and then getting on the gas. The fastest way is to come wide stay on the gas and just use your momentum through a corner like that. Brake before the turn and accelerate through it......

I'd agree with everything said so far. This might be oversimplifying, but the thing I notice the most when I haven't ridden in the sand for a while, is you do most everything sooner in the turns than what your hard pack reflexes tell you. By that, I mean that in the sand you finish breaking sooner and most importantly, get on the gas sooner, what I would consider slightly before the apex.

Sand is cool cause you can blast through the stuff wide open! If you can run a little less air it will help some. Another good thing about sand is when you bail it doesn't hurt as bad! P.S. no front brake allowed!!!

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