fastest speedo reading on the 07's... post yours

just wondering how fast you've gotten yours up to. mine was only 60 but that was first ride, no mods.

I just got mine today... no mods... will let you know tomorrow what my top end is.

I saw 62 in 4th gear, shifted into 5th and backed the frick off! Need to make it to work ya know. Guys with gearing changes are going over 90 easy. That shat aint for me.

I saw 87mph on a paved back road a week or two back, scary! :bonk:


I hit 89 mph.

86, had about half throtle left more throtle than Ba!!$:bonk: kick my buddies a$$ on a honda 650 on a fire road out in Helendale off route 66.

It is all relevant to gearing. If you run 16/40 gearing you would go close to 180-220 km/h, but if you are like me 14/50 i hit about 135km/h and she's screaming.


i need to do some mods... i want to beat my buddies KLX650 and he topped out at 110. mine handles alot better than his though!

My bike has had all the free mods and AIS kit done. It also has a GYTR slip on pipe. I ride at an alltitude of 4350 feet and I have managed to get 147km

(92mph) on a dirt road. I am sure with some sprocket changing you should be able to hit 160km (100mph) as the bike feels as if it has enough power to get there. Probably will take a while to get the brown skid marks out of your pants though.




I made it to 48 MPH and then I started pee'ing all over myself.

I made it to 48 MPH and then I started pee'ing all over myself.

haha... i don't think i would have posted that...

I made it to 48 MPH and then I started pee'ing all over myself.

I hate it when that happens...:bonk:


I have stock gearing (06 - 14/50) and Have seen 78 mph in a field on a slight incline!!! This bike flat out rips.

I have also looked into how fast 2nd is as sson as it hits the rev limiter, which is between 39-41 mph. I thought that was impressive.

06 wr450 free mods White Bro pipe 220lbs rider and close to 3000 ft Elv. Hard pack dirt road 98mph as per GPS about 85 percent throttle. Ran out of road befor throttle.

Oh Yeah Baby give me more!

I 've ride 142km/h , i think thats about 89 miles .......

you guys have speedos on your bikes?

if your so worried about going fast just by a crotch rocket. The 12'' suspension travel isnt just for show. Its scary when you go to the desert and people just race up and down the fire roads all day. Be safe everyone

I live in the desert and only haul booty on the roads I know in my back yard. Yes the WR450 has a speedo plus I have my Garmin mounted to my bars and that tracks you higest speed.

hi mine will do 95 mph with supermoto wheels and 13/42 gearing

I saw 68 on a dirt road and had to back off. Only mod is removing the pea shooter!!:bonk:

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