XR 600 Cutting out (still!)

Still having problems with mt XR 600 cutting out under load, I have had the stator rewound and checked all connectors etc..... Could it possibly be the CDI unit breaking down, any advice much appreciated.

Have you checked the jetting?

If you have not changed the jetting, or made any other changes that might have caused this.. I would next ask you to start ohming all of the individual components. I am experiencing a similar situation with my bike. I wasted a bunch of time chasing other problems, but finally decided to test all of the electrical components. What I found was that my coil was out of spec on both the primary, and secondary side. New coil coming this week. Hopefully that will resolve the problems. Check your coil and see what is going on there.

also check the gapping on the pulse generator, mine was off 11 thousands and would not run at all needed to be 5 thousands. went thru a bunch of shit and finally got it just from an adjustment.:bonk:

Ignition issues can be caused by any of the components. The spark coil, the pulse coil, or the CDI. It sounds like you have taken care of the stator. Using an ohm meter is a good start, but a good reading does not mean that the part is working.

There can be other wiring issues that are possible. It's good to check these since it doesn't really cost anything. Look for wires with abrasions that could allow for shorts. Pay careful attention to the ignition wire coming from the stator and the kill switch wire all the way to the switch. Another more unlikely but still possible problem is a broken wire. With repeated flexing the wire can break inside the insulation. Look for an extra flexible part of a wire. Look at the high tension wire from the coil to the plug. I think that it has a resistor in the top of the plug connector. Get rid of the resistor and just put a piece of wire in there. Be sure the high tension wire is in the spark coil properly.

Other than that, all you can do is check and swap out the other components.

Sounds like coil arcing, start it up in a dark garage and try to make it miss (put a load on it) and have someone watch around the coil for arcing.

Going by what you guys are saying, I presume the problem is more likely to be electrical as opposed to a fueling problem... So i shall get onto checking the coil and as much wiring as i can this weekend. Thanks again for your advce!!!

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