Questions on 00' wr 400

a friend of mine is looking at a 00' wr 400 for $2200. it is in decent shape, but has JB weld on a corner of the radiator. Is this a good price? also, how hard is it to put a street legal kit on this bike? do you need to install a battery? thanks for any help.

You will want to have the rad fixed. If that thing goes on the trail your screwed unless you carry raw eggs or tampoons in your pack. I dont :bonk: . $2200 sounds a bit hight for a 7 year old bike considering the new ones have major changes like E start and 50 extra CCs plus are much lighter. The kits from Baja are fairly easy to install but I had problems with the kit switch group holding up over time / water so I wired in a Honda street bike control group. As far as how hard it is to get leagal, thats up to your state. In Pa its almost impossible. I bought my 99 WR with pa street tags installed and Ill never get rid of it. Well, not the VIN anyway :naughty: . Euro trash is much easier to get street plated since the titles do NOT say NOT for road use on them.

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