Mod Priorities for '01' XR-650L

Been lurking around here quite awhile gathering info on the 650L. I've located one locally w/ 2800 road only mi. Your very candid and informative comments prompted me to pull the trigger. It's now in my garage awaiting transformation.

I know it's been asked a thousand times and I'm somewhat embarrassed asking, but where can I find the link to Dave's Mods for the 650L.. I'm going to start with those as well as the smog pump removal. I also need to replace the rear tire. Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated.

heres the link to the carb mod as far as the rear tire what type of riding are you going to do more of street or offroad?? ... Congrats on the new toy.. if you use the "search this forum"tool in the upper right on the main 600/650 page you should find all you'll ever want to know...

One more good thing you can do is to go for the larger tank.

Thanks for the links and suggestions. Will be 60 dirt/40 street for tire purposes. Also, what air filter would is best for the $$?

MT21 fits the 60/40 bill, if you go for the larger size (130 or 140).

Unifilter is as good and as cheap as yer gonna get.


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