Edelbrock carb hoses (xr650R)

The gas-in is obvious.

There are three more hoses. Two 1/4" hoses coming of the left and right of the carb. A smaler 1/8" hose comes from the bowl.

Which are the overflow (for gas spew-out when laying wheels-up) and which are the breather hose/hoses ???????? Anyone KNOWS for sure?

I need to know the vent to place way up high for water crossings.

Thanks in advance,


'03 XRR

I checked the Edelbrock manual (pm me if you want a pdf file copy) and no help.

Me, I just routed all the buggers back and down to the right side, between the right side of the swing arm and the rear brake line.

I thought they were all vent/overflows. ??? Let us know if you figure out that one of them should be routed high...

Edelbrock's quick answer is that they are all drain hoses and should all go down to the drain area.

I then asked what the diferent hoses did. The two 1/4" hoses drain when you lay the bike on the sides. The 1/8" hose drains gas if the bowl valve becomes stuck open. The 1/4" hoses are so large that also contain some gas since they are routed up and then down.

Next question was: how do you vent the bowl ? the answer was that it gets vented through all three hoses.

Next question: if the bike is runing and I plunge the end of all three hoses in water (blocking all venting), will the motor stall? The answer was a ... well... not reasuring... NO. (I guess I ask too many questions)

So, the setup I will use based on their answers is:

(not their recomendations, just my take on hose management)

*Plug the two 1/4" hoses to a cross connector just under the carb bring a single hose down and one up for "venting"

*The 1/8" hose will go down to the drain area too.

Lets remember that the EB carb is awesome the way it is. The hose issue is more about being anal retentive than anything else.


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