Seized 3hr Old YZ426

I've just come back from a ride with my mate on his brand new YZ426, while riding along the bike suddenly seized and threw him off!! We got the bike back home and dropped out the sump plug and were greeted with almost 2 litres of green coolant before the oil apeared we haven't done anything else yet can any one suggest what might have gone wrong and how we put it right the bike is brand new and we rode for about 3 hrs!!!

blown head gasket?

:) gerry, that is a bummer, I don't really know what could be wrong, the waterpump seal perhaps?!

Do you not get a limited warranty with these bikes, I got 3 month's for my sons PW 80, so I wondered if Yam did the same for all Non road bikes...sorry I can't be of more help :D

I don't know about the UK but, here in the States they come with a 30 day warranty. Check with your Yamaha dealer to find out if they do the same on that side of the pond.


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Your bike should come with a thirty day warranty.My dealer told me that was all they offered for yz/wr.

take it back asap, and if its been slightly over the time period, politely give them crap about how a brand new bike, especially a 4 stroke, locked up. You never know but they might not of put in engine oil before delivery.

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