T'ing the engine breather hose

I t's the engine breather house and ran it, along with the carb vents to the airbox for water crossings. I was told this would make it so I can start my 426 if i stall in the water or get stuck. The question i have is couldnt the water get in the engine breather hole on the right side of the bike?

You mean the right side of the cylinder head? The drain hole for the spark plug hole? That's pretty damn deep, don't you think? To get that deep, you'll have to do something to keep the water out of the bottom of the air box.

But no, water probably couldn't get in there in any quantity because the air that's trapped in there would have no place top go, and should keep most of it out. Even if it did, as long as the plug boot is in good shape, there's no problem with it.

well i do live in washington....

my dad and i went riding today at a riding area next to a river...having been raining the past few days and warm....the river was quite high. I have never crossed so much water. Seems like half of our riding was through water. We had at least 6 of these crosses that were about as high as the front wheel and my dad stalled in one of them. Thanks to the swamp proofing he was able to fire er right up and keep going. thanks for the help...it was just a little afterthought.

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