she's alive!!

well after spending the winter taking my entire 99 yz400 to pieces literally in about 100 marked baggies. I finally got it back together and started her up tonight only after a few kicks and adjusting the idle she sounds like she is running great. Couldn't ride it around though as I don't have the new chain on yet....Im gonna put that on tommorow morning and then I can ride up and down the street. It was 20 C(70F) here the past couple days!! sorry Im excited cuz im Canadian and winters can be long here thats why I take my bike apart :naughty:

I can't wait to ride it ...this is what i did this winter

new piston, rings

new cam chain

Hotcam auto decomp exhaust cam(starting it tonight was soooo easy!!)

boyenseed quickshot

power now(got cheap used one)

new fork seals and oil

new chain, sprockets

new tank, shroud, swingarm, side panel graphics

new gripper seat

new michelin S12 front and rear tire(my knuckles are still sore)

new brake fluid front and back

new rear shock bearings

cleaned every inch of the bike

regreased every bearing on the bike including steering head

I just wanted to thank all the guys who gave me advice and answered questions for me I did this all 100% myself (the bike never saw a shop only my shed and laundry room) so for anyone nervous about ripping into the bike just do it, with the manual and thumpertalk you always have answers :bonk:

Glad you got it back together. Its a good feeling to do something yourself and save a few bucks doing it. :bonk:

Show us some pics!!

sweet !!!! can't wait to hear how the auto cam does.

post results for us guys still finding tdc and pulling that lever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you have any leftover parts? :bonk:

I am very familiar with the marked baggy system - I was working three different bikes in my garage at the same time this winter. Fortunately it is hard to confuse KX65 parts with any of my bike parts.

actually no i didn't have any extra parts!!! :bonk: I am very anal about organizations and marking the baggies :naughty:

here are some pics I took today




The only thing left to put back on is my bark busters and enduro skid plate....


That is one outstanding job of yearly maintenance and update I have followed. If I remember correctly you do this each winter, as do I. I just need to do the cam chain and get released by the surgeon and it is MX time for this old guy. Nicely done.


Thats a beautiful Bike

I got a 99 YZ400F.... Where did you find those graphics!!!!!!!!

Patrick M.

thanx i got the graphics on ebay, from I think the guys ebay name is "lucky devil"...they are made by Enjoy they are cheap too it was like 39.99 for tank, shrouds and 14.99 for front fender/rear fender/swing arm they are really good graphics too, the fender graphics have been on for 2-3 years.......the tank and shrouds i replaced as a got new shrouds and the tank was fine but yellowing so i just replaced it as well since it came iwth the shrouds graphics...however the graphics were still good, no bubbling....

i just found the link to these graphics here you go

I just have to put my number on the bike and its complete...

florida_426 i have owned the bike since july 2003 and ive taking it fully apart 3 times now....I enjoy doing it and it makes me feel more confident that I know everything has been serviced. The first time I had help from a friend the last two times Ive done all the work myself. Also, I like knowing the bike inside and out so if I have any problems I might be able to fix it on the trail.

very nice !!!

It should last you a long time and enjoyable to ride with that maintenance routine. I love my 02 426, just finishing up the maintenance for last year now. Enjoy that ride, you certainly earned the place.


My son has a PW 80 with the exact same graphics they are very nice.

Excellent job on the entire bike-looks great!! You're gonna love the auto decomp cam...aloha.

Im really happy with the way it turned out except the damn gripper seat....I had it all nice and smooth until i put it on, it kinda squishes the seat and puts those few ripples in cover, i think i'll try to pull it on tighter and re staple some areas.....

Lookin good tammie. Great work. Now you're making me feel bad for not giving my bike any love this winter. I've been remodeling my basement, so no time for the bike. :bonk:

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