The ol' Girl gave up the Ghost!!

The puller listed on trailtech is not the right type. The WR has a differnt flywheel from a yz. Thanks for the input though. :thumbsup:

Or, if you are not in a hurry, I can mail/loan you mine - provided, of course, you return it.

Thanks, I ordered the factory one from the dealer 28.52 and a week til it comes. That is the right puller in the above post.

You can get a puller for 20 bills from Trail Tech.

Or you can make one with a piece of place steel. I took a piece of paper and pushed a pen through were each of the holes were. Then I drilled those holes into a piece of plate steel. I then secured the center bolt and used the three outside holes to put pressure on the plate and there she went. Cost, Time.

Any standard automotive three arm wheel puller works, you just have to use the proper length bolts and the appropriate washers.

She's beinging to look alot likea bike again. I got my jug and slug back on today and am just waiting for my head with the valves to finish it up. I reallt like the way it has gone back together flawlessly. Thanks for all the help, hope to give her kick back to life by tomorrow night. <M>

Well the ghost is back. Got my ride back together yesterday. Started on the second kick. YIPPPPPPPPPYYYY.


Keep the beast alive !!!!! Great news.

I love happy endings!!!:applause:

Good story but where are the pics

John in Vegas

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