06 WR 450 throttle problems

After a crash this weekend that smashed my right radiator, I pulled the bike apart to replace the right radiator and I took the opportunity to fine tune my jetting. I swapped out a pilot and checked the needle to be sure everything was where I thought it should be. I put on the new radiator and reassembled the carb. I must have done something wrong....the throttle wont close all the way any longer and it doesnt seem to open any more than 1/4 throttle. I fired the bike up but it was revving big time because the throttle was partially open. did I route the throttle cable wrong or what? PLease help. Thanks.


your manual has detailed cable routing diagrams

sometimes if the carb is not level when you're dropping the slide back into the carb the needle will not hang straight down and can get hung up before it drops down into the needle jet. if the bike is sitting on a stand, have a buddy push down on the rear of the bike, that usually changes the angle of the carb and should drop right in. You started the bike with the throttle stuck wide open.

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