Graphics bubbling

I was going to have some graphics made up for my wr400 but the place that made the graphics said they won't stick to the gas tank because of the gas seeping thru the plastic. I also have a buddy the has some new aftermarket graphics that he put on and he is having the same problem. The graphics are bubbling. What can we do is there something we can use to clean the tanks or is this just something we have to deal with. Another thing is I don't like the graphics offered by the aftermarket guys for my wr400. Does anyone have some other ideas. I have tried all the big one One Ind,Pure,Ceet,n-style,enoy,etc.

I pull of the old graphics, completely drain my tank and let it sit for a couple of days without the gas cap. This allows for the vapors to evaporate and the plastic to "dry out".

I then install the new graphics. The bubbles will never go away all together but I have found that this does not give me anywhere near as many.


i disagree with draining tank and letting it air out.when you fill tank back up tank expands and plastic tank is made out of heats up this causes graphics adhesive to loosen up and graphics to bubble or peel[thats why stock graphics start fallen off new bikes after first ride].put graphics on with full tank of gas but before you put on graphics wash outside of tank with acetone or lacquer thinner.then after graphics are on you should leave gas cap loose or off for 24hrs.

ive put graphics on a lot of bikes with this method and never had any graphics never bubble or peel.they usually last till i get tired of them or i happen to side swipe a tree.

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Damn....and I thought just buying Quality pre-perferated graphics , a water bottle, credit card, and cleaning the tank with alcohol,or bumper sticker remover to remove the left behind adhesive was enough..... Glad I didn't know about all this other stuff....It might have been hard...

Bonzai :)

I wasted $100+ when I first got my WR in 2000. All the white colored graphics on my tank turned a nasty yellow in about a month, then they got all bubbled up. I pulled them off when I couldn't stand looking at them anymore after about 6 months. Now I run a naked tank and I'm happy with it.

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