Gearing and riding style

I ran the bike (06) stock for a while and then went to a 50 when i got the new chain. I seem to ride the whole track in 3rd gear now. Is this how most of you ride? Keep in mind this is my first 4 stroke and i am a vet beginner desperately trying to learn to go faster. I know jumping will come with confidence but i really want to get fast in the corners.

I still have the 49 on my bike, but plan on putting the 50 tooth on in a few months. I also spend most of my time in third on a track, if its a tight turn I drop down to 2nd, or if it's a huge jump I go to fouth, but yah I'd say about 75% of my riding is done in third.

I race offroad on an 06 450 heres what i run....

For really tight races I run the stock gearing

Then for the normal local MRAN races I run either The stock front with a 45 in the rear or a 14 in the front and the stock rear.

Then for the faster BITD races I run a 14 in the front and a 45 in the rear, anything taller then this and the bike is just a dog down low.

Dont know if this will help you or not but just thought i would let you know.

I should have mentioned i ride MX type tracks almost exclusively. Thanks for the input though guys

IMO, gearing depends on the track layout as much as anything else. If all the corners are the same size, and the straights are short enough to run them in the same gear you run the corners in, then it's a one gear track. If there's more variety, then you'll need to shift more. The reasons you would change the gearing are if one or more of these conditions existed:

1> No gear is low enough (very unlikely on an MX track; gear lower)

2> No gear is high enough for the fast section (gear higher)

3> No gear seems right for one or more sections (the available gear selections are either too high or low for some places; change the gearing either way)

4> Shifting too often (geared too low; raise the gearing to spread the ratios out)

5> Gears spaced too far apart (geared too high; lower the overall gearing to narrow the gaps)

Regardless of your skill, gear the bike to match the track and the way you ride now. You'll be able to ride your best this way, and that will make you more likely to improve. As you improve, adjust the gearing as necessary so that the bike can keep up with your development.

i run a 15/49 all the time

sometimes a 13/51 but thats only for the track and i love how you can take corners in 3 or 4 with the 13/51 very fast pick up

I have a 06 yz450f and just put a 51 tooth rear on and a new stock 14 front sprocket on, Both are renthals and also a renthal 520 chain. I was having the same problem with the 14/49 ratio on the mx track. Seemed like I was wanting to shift often..... and when I was going around a corner third gear seemed a little to fast and second was to slow thats why I went to a 51 rear so I could leave the gate in 3rd gear and stay in third around turns until the stretches and then hit fourth. I havent got to ride it yet since I put the 51 on but I will saturday at the track during practice and hope it works out the way I have it planned.

I never leave 2nd on the tight SX track I ride which has me thinking about bumping up to 13/50 or 13/51. There is only 1 triple that the top guys are jumping in 3rd and then 2 other triples (the ones I can handle) most do in 2nd but some click into 3rd. I think a 50 or maybe a 51 would be great for 2nd gear starts and quicker bursts. I just wish there was way of knowing the difference between the 2 without having to buy both. The only time I get close to revving out 2nd is over one triple and a big table. I'm almost always fine in 2nd but one time I got pitched forward off a 65' triple and immediately pinned it because I was nose diving the second I left the lip. 2nd pinned wasn't enough and the nose kept dropping and if I had been in the air a few seconds longer (or had been running a larger rear sprocket) it would have been really ugly. It was a dumb mistake after a dumb decision to go riding after being exhausted from surfing the whole day and I haven't come close to anything like that any other time so I'm seriously thinking of getting a 50.

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