Gearbox bearing removal HELP!!!!!

Hi. I am in the process of rebuilding my engine/gearbox and i have come run into a problem. I have removed all the gearbox bearings but 2 (the rear shift cam bearing and the rear main axel bearing)

My question is - how do i get them out? The bearings are enclosed by the casing - so i am unable to press them out (they have to be pulled out). I have try hydraulicing them out but was no good (too many gaps in the ball bearings). Am i required to pull them out with a slide hammer? would heating up the casing (expansion) help?

Has anybody done this b4?

Id appreciate any response as I am stuck!!! :bonk::naughty:

Are they completly enclosed? No opening form the back side? I think my old CRF 450, had a smaller opening on the rear than the front but i still could get the bearinig out through that.

There is a tool that is made just for blind hole bearing removal....It fits inside the inner race and expands to capture the back side of the race.....Then it is

connected to a slide hammer and Bamm...the bearing is out...without that tool

it's going to be tough......heating the case could work but be careful how you do it...I would say propane torch....


There are slightly simpler versions of blind bearing pullers available, too. Heating the case will help tremendously, but you have to be careful. The best thing I ever found for this is an outdoor gas grill with a thermometer on it so you can monitor the heat. You should not get the case hotter than 400 degrees F at any time. An indoor oven is excellent, too, as the temperature is actually controlled by the oven, but there may be domestic issues involving its use for this purpose. :bonk:

Once heated to 300-375, using a pair of heavy leather gloves or old oven mitts, the bearings should pull out of place fairly easily. In fact, you may be able to simply slap the case down on a solid piece of wood and have the inertia remove the bearing. Allow the case to cool slowly by placing it back in the oven with the gas/power turned off and let it cool down with the oven itself.

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