Hi/low AC headlight

Hey. I'm going to install a K&S switch for hi/low beam (06 WR450), will the switch work with the headlight if keeping it AC. This is the switch I'm getting...


I'm going to add a horn, signal lights, and wire the kill switch into the K&S switch.

I'm new to wiring but I think what I'm trying to get at it is, can this switch only have one power source going in (AC or DC, not both?) because I was planning on running the signal lights and horn off DC power but the headlight is AC.


Thats a nice switch. It depends on how the switch is wired but most carry a seprate power wire for the light since you would not want to run the current of the headlight through the main turn sig, horn, ign wire as well. I just put a Honda street bike group on my 99 and both that and the stock Baja switch had seprate power and switch for the headlight. I relocated my kill to the right side since thats where it is on most street bikes. I was considering using a key ign switch but hell, if you can find my kill switch and figure out how to kick start the beast a key switch would only slow you down for a few seconds.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I really have to wait until the switch comes in to confirm.

I was also thinking about a keyed ignition. I was thinking of moving the main ignition button and hiding it, never thought of moving the kill switch. Maybe I'll hide the factory kill switch as a secondary as well as using the kill on the K&S.

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