xr650L electrical lighting troubles?

I have a 01 xr650L and it is having it's first ever problems,,, this morning on the way to work my taillight and turn signals and horn quit working???? checked all the fuses, there good, the headlight still works,,,,really don't even know what to look for, checked for broken wires, couldn't find any, pulled all the little connectors apart and cleaned them put some electrical spray grease on them and even took the grounds off the frame and cleaned them up and still have no tailights turn signals or horn????? Any help would be appreciated,,,electrical problems are not my area of expertise...LOL!!!

You are on the right track. There must be some connections or grounds that you missed. Keep looking and check everything from the battery to the switches and to the lights and horn.

I agree. Sounds like a connection/corrosion issue. May have to check each circuit with meter from end to end. Wiring diagram would make this easier, but can do one by one. Do the same with all ground connections measuring resistance from source to recipient. Makes finding a break in a wire much easier than visually tracing it's whole path.

My 2 cents...

I'll tell ya, we have went through the wires pretty good and can't find anything, Just thinking if it was a bad ground or a corrosion issue it would have acted up before??? It just quit all at once, never a problem before. I thought maybe there was a relay or something that could have just died??? I will keep searching was really hoping one of you guys would have said hey mine did the same thing it was the ________? lOL!!! no such luck for me..LOL!! I'll keep digging.

I would start by checking all the fuses in the battery box first .. and see if there is at least power to the fuses ( I know you said you checked the fuse itself but it if there isn't any power to it, it indicates and open curcuit between it and the battery ) ..then continue back from there. if there is power start checking the harness the other way.. electrical gremlins suck.. keep looking you'll find it..

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