Moto-Master Brakes for xr650l

Hi i am looking to upgrade my stock front brake rotor to an oversized moto-master rotor but all the websites say they dont make them for a xr650l but they make it for the xr650r, do the R and the L share the same front rotor.

if not what are the best brakes for this bike. Thanks!

I have seen them not the moto master brand, but another brand try a search on here, or try EBC. Sorry I am not much help, just thought I would verify that they are available. There is a US company that makes one with a caliper relocation bracket sells for around $300. Which seemed high but if their the only one that makes them maybe thats why. I also thought the R and L shared the same braking system, but can not verify this, but would also like to know.

Thanks for the info!!! i will check out ebc.

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