Which Generation WR Do You Have?

I've always wanted to know how our numbers are divided. Let's see what we get...SC

This pole will be a little misleading as most of the ole timers already have their bikes dialed and thus don't post here much anymore.

Perhaps, but a lot of the "old timers" have also upgraded their bikes. I also know even though they don't post often, they're still lurking and will answer quality threads...SC

I have a 07 WR 450 now, a 02 426 before that. I really liked the 426 always got me home from a ride, and never had any maintainance issues with it. Only have had the 450 for about 6 weeks, still stock other than the free mods. It to is a nice bike some of the improvements really do make it better, like the overall shape of the fuel tank and side panels. The pro taper bars are nice also. I sure that I will find some things that are better about it and maybe things that are not so good as I get more ride time on it. Thanks Bill

02 wr426. Unless fryboy is right we seem to be a dieing bread. That's ok I just got in about 3 hours of trail riding today and it always puts a smile on my face :naughty: and it's plated :bonk:

2005 ... Love it :bonk:

i voted based on my 04 but I also have an 00


Free mods and baja kit, plated in TX (previous owner), 03 EX cam (me)

practically bulletproof. love it except for no magic button. thought of moving up, but it's soooooo reliable.

'99 WR in a '98 YZ...best of both worlds baby

...and it's plated...

99- fmf q2 and powerbomb header

07- stock but soon to get fmf q4 and mega bomb header, ais removal and free mods

99 WR 400 Pa street plated with a second set of street rims/tires and an extra sprocket. 20 mins from main street brawler to back woods crawler. I will never give up the 99. At least not the VIN.

And yeah its dialed in. Starts in the summer, winter, hot or cold with or without the baffle in. Dont post much anymore but come to check out the group rides.

2005 and love it also! Had a WR 500 2 stroke awhile back,, cant remember the year but it was a powerhouse!

Goinn ridn tomorrow...

2005 with free mods and Pro-Taper CR-hi bend bars. I like it but I miss the 2 stroke and am considering going back to a KX250 or KTM 300XC.

dont forget a bout the old 2-smoke wr's ! I have one of those too

Had a plated '99 then an '03, and now an '07. Loved the first 2 and loving the '07. They just keep gettin better!

2004, "the last of the great wr's"


'05, the first of the "greatest" :bonk:...SC

01' Cal Plated......will have it forever.:bonk:

06' and loving it, coming form kx250 is a big improvmant. bike is a dog without the mods done though...damm tree huggers anyway, do the mods and its a new beast...very happy

I have an 03' WR450. Awesome bike. Check my garage for mods.

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