Which Generation WR Do You Have?

I "thought" I had a '98...looks like I'm in the wrong forum...?

2002 wr426 hauls my skinny ass around way too fast

'01, sorted out, plated.

Life is good.

had a '99, got the '07 now, what an upgrade!

I have an 02 WR426 and besides my old trusty 82 IT465, nothing beats this bike, run it, clean it, maintain it, and the beast will never let you down. All free mods are done on it with the last mod disconecting of the grey wire done this past winter. My son fights me to ride my bike all the time, so i am now looking to purchase another 02 WR426 for him. If it aint broke don't fix it.......:thumbsup:

There should be a sticky thread for pictures like the one for YZ's in the 2stroke forum. I have a 05.

Bought new in 98 wr400. great bike.Bought new 05 wr450ft even better.Now Motarding her with GYTR motard Kit...Cant wait!!!

07 450, first thumper ever! I'm sure having fun getting used to a thumper... Came off a 01 CR500.

It almost dual sported now. Going to get an illegal tag and take it on the streets and trails. Gearing it to 14-45. Doing the Baja Kit complete.


For being the most popular model, the 05 (by poll results), my only complaint is the seat...and no aftermarket models are available.

07 wr450f my first offroad bike ever.. i like very much. i will be modifying my bike once i get used to riding it..

05 450... now a plated Street Tard. Well worth selling my 06 R1 for. what a rush!:excuseme::applause:

Lurking old timer on a 00 400. How do you beat the reliaility? Have a YZseat/tank, plus original bigger tank. Yeah, it is heavy, but so am I!!! Lots of other goodies like a Scotts, etc. Set up just the way I like it, hard t turn my back on something that has been so good to me.

Went fron a 98 YZF400 to a '03 WR and now an '07 WR. Love it:thumbsup:

Final Tally...SC

98-00 WR400.....The Original Revolutionary...40.....12.66%

01-02 WR426.....The Second Coming...........44.....13.92%

03-04 WR450.....The Electric Beast.............72.....22.78%

05-06 WR450.....Electric Refinement............99.....31.33%

'07+ WR450.......Aluminum Bling-Bling...........61.....19.30%

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