any want to buy set size10 boots?

i have pair of oneal m840 boots.only $45 less than year old.there in real good condition i purchased them out of magazine and there were too small for me ive probably only wore them 15 times.there just barely broken in.

[ January 27, 2002: Message edited by: freestyle111 ]

How bout your acerbis tank and shrouds for sale?

Will you take $100 for them?


$125+shipping is rock bottom.

I'm game for the boots, what color?? Are they a tight 10, or loose 10. I normally wear size 10 1/2. Got pictures by chance??

Thanks dude;


they are actually normal size 10.i just have wide feet.i had a buddy of mine who also wears size 10 try them on and he said they fit him fine.i wear 10 1\2 in regular shoes and i had plenty of toe room in these boots.i you think you have wider than normal feet i would buy them.i can email you some pics if you want.they black with white buckles and trim.

Freestyle, if you still have the boots, I'll take them. You can email me at

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