Motosportz Stabilizer

Thats nice looking. How much?

$380 + $10 S&H. Right there on the page.

very very nice... finally someone designs a component to fit the vehicle aesthetically. Not that I'm the WR fashion police:crazy:

Looks great, but does it work???????????????????

what does it do that a scotts doesnt do?

on top of that, i think the scotts looks better too.

I'm with ARin. It doesn't look like it's 3-way adjustable like the Scotts - just a dampening control. It does look thin and sturdy, but I'm a fan of the gold. Plus, in 30 seconds I can put my Scotts onto my streetbike since they offer mounting kits for so many bikes.

Is that a Transformer? Will it turn into a racecar or an airplane?

I just installed kit B on my 07' and it not only looks clean but gave my stock protapers just the lift I needed for my 6'3" body....:bonk:

I do know a guy here in the PNW that contacted me when he found out I got an 07' that works for motsportz and knowing this guy, they are likely a high quality piece that works very well.... they are pretty futuristic looking

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