Should You Heat-Wrap Stainless Headers?

I was wondering if I should heat-wrap my new stainless steel header. I know that with steel headers it can cause internal & external rusting of the pipe that will destroy it over time. But what about stainless? I would like to keep as much of the exhaust heat away from the engine and my leg as possible. Since the stainless should not rust-is this adviseable?

Stainless should be fine for corrosion resistance. Just make sure to always clean the dirt off of your bike after every rde. The dirt has minerals in it that can cause corrosion and pitting on all of the metal.

I'm not sure which header you are running. I have a FMF powerbomb on my 2000 XR650R. It comes really close to the radiators and the carburetor. I wrapped both areas to keep my leg and the bike happy.

Buy 1" wide header wrap. Overlap the wrapping 1/4" minimum when wrapping the header. Corners are difficult. You may have to try it a few times before you get it right. Soak the header wrap in water before you install it. I found that zip ties work great as temprorary holders then fasten with wire to tie it down after you are sure that it looks good. After it is wrapped and dried out, use a silicone sealer paint to keep the wrap from deteriorating. Wear gloves when you do this to keep the fiberglass slivers to a minimum. I used latex gloves.

Here is a good brand for both header wrap and sealant:

Here are some pictures. I wrapped mine in 4 sections - Right exhaust tube to collector, left exhuast tube to collector, collector to powerbomb, and powerbomb. I didn't use the sealant and now I am kicking myself.






Damn thats FUGLY! Must of been your first time. I wrap the header on my 650l. I dont believe that wrapping is what causes the steel header to rust. It occurs with or without. I personally like the 2 inch wrap. I do not like to wet the wrap, I do it dry. Make sure it is tight as hell. I double the stainless ties at all ends( just in case). Gloves are great. If doing it dry were a cheap mask. Definitely use the silicone paint after wrapping. If you do it dry you do not have to wait to paint, so it can be done in a day. Wrap the header, then paint the snot out of it. Let it absorb and repaint. Let it dry and paint one last time. If the wrap is tight, and sealed really well with the paint, it will hold up fantastic. Do not spray it with water when cleaning. Take a soft brush to it. Buy extra wrap just in case you mess up, or cut short!

My last job we wrapped our exhaust on our aircraft engines (Rotax engine on Predator UAV Air Force spy planes) GOD ive prolly wrapped a mile or two LOL we used the 1" and it had to look good too for the bosses. There are different thickness wraps also get the thicker as the thin will rip real easy if you pull too hard. I never wet the wrap you just have to pull and put some elbow grease when putting it on and corners.

But if i bought a nice stainless exhause i definitely wouldnt cover it there too nice lookin that is why you bought it right for the clean looks? Show it off

Yeah mine looked better until I rode some mud pits and crashed a dozen times. Really wish I painted it.

But does it it have any bad effect on the stainless?

No if you wrap the stainless it wont do anything just cover it up thats all

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