Pimp My Ride!

Just got a new 07 450F.

Building the ultimate desert racer from the ground up.

So far: Greased the linkage and headset bearing.


IMS Desert Tank with WR PetCock for Reserve


14 Tooth Front Sprocket

520 O Ring Chain

New Grips

Twin Air Air Filter X 2

Scotts Stabalizer

What else should i get?

I'd get a Rekluse auto-clutch.

How about a Fast Flexx bar to soak up even more hits and vibration.Oh ya dont forget Fastway foot pegs no bike should be without them.

Devol engine guard. Hand Guards. Suspension revalved for desert.

478cc big bore??? :bonk:

How about some Baja Designs lights and a new stator to make them go..

Then you can do some day and night open desert riding..

E line skid plate drill holes for cooling, Zip Ty rear rotor guad, Brp chain guid, hand guards, Zip Ty radiator guard, brake snake and better brake fluid.

That is a good start.

Among some of the other ideas, you will want an 18 inch rear wheel setup w/ 120/100/18 Maxxis Desert IT, Zip Ty carb mod, Suspension revalve for off road, Acerbis uniko handguards. As for the lighting idea, no dice. They don't offer a stator for the 06-07 yz for lights.

some pics so we can see your progress :thumbsup:

ASV levers! A must if you fall down.

I would recomend a 44 rear sprocket if your out in the high speed stuff. I run a 15/44 and still looking for another gear.

I'd start with a skid plate, Rekluse Z-Start Pro, and a good set of hand guards.

Rekluse for desert??? I would take that money and invest in suspension work.

I probably would too (I don't use a Rekluse in any case), but the fact that it's a desert race doesn't necessarily mean there aren't some tight, slow, nasty sections. Depends on how mean the organizers want to get.

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