oil in the airbox??

I have noticed for quite some time now that there is alot of oil in my blow by tube after ever ride. Also last time i went out i noticed that engine oil was acually dripping out through my airbox, when i removed my airfilter i noticed oil also in the filter tube. Is this normal? and if not what could it possible be? it looks like it is coming through the breather tube.

Any replys would be nice

Thanks cody

i heard that when your crankshaft seals go bad oil from your engine will go into the transmition and overslow into the air box or vise versa

motox racer is right this just happened to me and i bought a new seal fixed just this last weekend took me 3 hours and thats just because im not that handy

search oil migration and some stuff should show up to help you out

you should run your oil level in the 1/2 - 3/4 in the operating range. if you run wide open for extended periods, such as drag racing, it will blow oil into the air box if you run your oil level full

Other things to check for:

Drain the excess gunk from the breather tube by pulling the stopper out of the tube in the holder by your front sprocket.

Take the valve cover off and make sure the shiny metal deflector plate bolted to the inside isn't damaged and installed correctly.

Worn out rings, valve guides and bad valve seals will cause excessive blow by also.

Dirt Rider mag. had an article on this a while back. They said it is commonly a sign of the valves going bad. A little bit of oil in the catch tube after a hard moto or WOT for too long is normal.

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