Laid 'er Down!

I laid down the brand new bike the other day. :bonk: I'm sure it won't be last time though.

I was riding on ice and snow in some of the higher elevations (it's still a little early for riding season where I am) and I came to a point of no return and had to keep going. To make a long story short, I was on ice that would be hard to even walk on, it was so slippery. And put the bike down maybe at running speed. Anyway, I went down and nothing on the bike got hurt except for the left mirror which I drove my knee through.

I guess my question is... where can I get another factory mirror besides the dealer, and if I can't, what are some good aftermarket mirrors? Also, does anyone know if it is legal to ride with only one mirror in New York?

I had a similar experience just the other day in the national forrest near my home, came to a rather rough section of trail reminded me of supercross whoops, except it was Florida snow (sand so soft and deep you sink to your ankles) and same deal at running speed (15mph) front end does the common L pig move (in sand anyway) tried to slow a bit front end washes out and down I go, and yep, the right side mirror is a bit deformed now!

Bike works good in sand till you put weight on the front, meaning once you start do not try to slow down you have to go faster and faster, second you try to slow front end swims around, and starts to plow. OH well its a compromise to have a street legal bike you can ride on the trail. I think it needs retractable ski's like a snow mobile for the sand! :bonk:

Ken sean $13 folding mirror.

My last stock mirror I broke by sliding out in wet grass and stepping on it...


Do not know about the legalities in New York but I know this, I cant stand the factory mirrors they remind me of the giant lolly pops except on a longer bent stick! Check these out, seems like a good alternative to me,

These seem interesting...anyone ever try this underneath style?

My buddy and I both have the dual stars. They will pass inspection but they are not really practical for actually seeing anything behind you. They vibrate badly so everything is impossible to see. On top of that my mirror fell out of mine, from the vibration, so if you do get one I would suggest filling the crack around the edge of the mirror with superglue or something along those lines.

I did hear about someone who put a rubber spacer between the bars and the clamps and that reduced the vibration though.

A bonus is they won't snap off when you crash (which I do alot) and they are pretty cheap if for some reason you do destroy it.:bonk:


If you resemble your avatar, they're not going to work.

You've got to be slender to see around these mounted on a BRP.

Especially the left switch side; switch forces the mirror to far inboard for good rear view.

BAH! mirrors are for sissies (just like brakes) who cares what is behind you? Whaterver it is, its in the past, let it go.(unless go back the same way you came).

Dont know about NewYork but in Cali (which is just as strict) you have to have at least one, but Ive never been hassled for not having any. Dont you just love how everyone gives you advice based off of the state your not in.

My advice go to a donught shop, find a cop (theyre less testy when they are full of transfats) and ask him/her if you need mirrors. Then ask if they would stop someone for not having mirrors if they saw said person. Most dont care, its just an extra ticket when you mouth off to them, after they stop you for doing wheelies in the middle of the intersection.

Ken sean $13 folding mirror


These are the best way to go! Its nice to be able to tuck them into the handlebars when hitting the off road. If you have them up and crash they do have some give. Dont work that well doing 90!

I'll disagree with that. I got pulled over in San Clemente because my plate was too flat so the cop couldn't see it. He gave me a ticket for only having one D.O.T tire & no mirror. Of course maybe me pointing out the "*uck you you *ucking *uck" sticker on my rear fender might have provoked that.:bonk::naughty:

These are the best way to go! Its nice to be able to tuck them into the handlebars when hitting the off road. If you have them up and crash they do have some give. Dont work that well doing 90!

Went down on the new 650r bent the bars tore up the side as well as my ribs the the mirror was side that went down and was fine

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