What mods will I need for my new 450F?

1.good quality chain

2.fuel screw

3.free mod ap mod

4.uni air filter

5 couple jets or zipity mod

6.new grips renthal kevlars are my favorite

7.billet throttle tube

8.skid plate

9. get a bunch of oil and oil filters and card board

10. magnetic drain plug

get some stickers on your bike (forks ,airbox, frame)to protect it from scrapes and scrathes it will keep your bike looking new years from now

thats a great start and it will show

I think this may be a pipe dream. Suspension would be a bare minimum, but certainly not stock. Talk to any pro, suspension is the first work done on the bike before they throw a leg over it. It's by far the single best mod you can do to your bike, period.

The suspension is fine for someone coming back into the sport. I bought a brnad new YZ450F the week before the Yamaha Weekend of Champions here in NY. All I did was I set the race sag, changed the front tire, and put a better chain on for that weekend. Otherwise the bike was box stock. I raced it in the open pro class. It was not a national, but it had a lot of fast pros (Davi Milsaps, Bobby Kiniry, Ryan Mills, Antonio Balbi, Justin Buckelew, Brian Gray, Dennis Ewing, Jack Carpenter, Phil Nicoleti, Matt Eastman, Mitch Dougherty, and many more). There were 33 entries and I finished 15th overal with a 14-16. The funny thing is that is exactly what I finished the year before in that race on a fully modified bike. This bike is copetitive in the pro class box stock.

I'm assuming everything you mentioned would be good for a 250F as well. I'm still debating on what bike to get and it's really pissing me off. I talked to this 125A rider which also has a 450 and he said it can be too much. He thinks I should get a 250F and just race the 25+ C class.

There were 33 entries and I finished 15th overal with a 14-16.

I guess if you are satisfied with a 15th place, then more power to ya. Imagine if you had the suspension done and how much higher up you would have finished. The bike is pretty darn good stock, but is very sensative to sag settings and helps greatly when it's valved for your weight, ridding style, track, etc.

Against those guys I'm real happy with a 15th place. I still made money and I beat guys with rides for the nationals. In 2005 I finished the same with a bike with full engine mods and suspension mods. That was a good race b/c Brock Sellards took out Mike Alessi and somebody got it all on video. I have some clips if you want to see it. I beat Davi Milsaps in one moto (don't tell anyone it was because he crashed).

Here's a video with some clips from that weekend.


First off since you are buying a new bike have them at the dealer set the race sag for you and make sure the jetting is correct! Any dealer who won't do this doesn't deserve your money. Replace the chain. SS oil filter. Replace air filter. magnetic oil plug.ZipTy Fuel Screw. Test possible changes with the height that the forks sit in the triple clamps. Change oil after break-in. Spend the rest on riding classes. Never hurts to have a refresher.

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