Ideas for mounting plate on top of fender XR650R

Has anyone seen any sano solutions for mounting a license plate on top of the rear fender on an XR650R? I don't like the look of just bolting it on there.

use a MX fender with a bolt on sub fender under it.

It depends. I mounted mine sideways just behind the tailight using aluminum rivets with a broad collar on them. This minimizes the amount of fastener protruding under the fender and they won't loosen up as well as preventing theft. It looked sano. XRs Only sells a tail light setup that has a small clear lense area at the rear portion to illuminate the plate in that position as well. I had to go to a specialty fastener outlet to find rivets with a 1/2" wide collar. They look much better than the typical rivets found in most hardware stores. However, I had to change this setup as I was pulled over for not having the plate in a more vertical position. You may not have this issue up there in Canada. I have since mounted the plate with the Baja Designs LED tail light/license plate mount. It looks trick, the plate is now more vertical and it's illuminated but I would rather have stuck with my original setup had I not run into trouble with the law.

Thanks hypersthenos, The reason I want to mount my plate there is to cover some holes that the previous owner drilled. I might just end up getting a new fender. I can't find that XRs Only taillight you mentioned? Do you have a link?

Mines mounted on the top of the rear fender. Its kind of complicated, you need a drill, a bit capable of making at least two holes in plastic and some sort of hardware used for securing items to oneanother ( I used nuts and bolts, but I realize not everyone has access or the budget to purchase these) You can always try zipties but I dont think they have the structural integrity need to hold a liscense plate to a piece of plastic. Good luck, if you need any help I would go talk to a good fabrication shop.

Sorry, I am really just kidding. Dont take it to heart :bonk:

Stainless Steel Rivets. I used a cordless drill and very short rivets. The neighbor had some handy. Prebend the plate before you start drilling.

If you buy a UFO rear fender, cover up the two air holes in the fender. Your filter will get dirty extremely fast. I used duct tape on both sides of the fender to cover the holes.



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