Hydraulic brake switch failure. solution??

I have a 650r with a dakar d/s kit on it and has 2 hydraulic brake light switches. They really seem unreliable to me. the rear one leaks by the wires coming out. neither one works. power is getting to them, just not threw them. both brakes are bled. no continuity passing threw on the ohmeter when I put more than sufficent pressure on the pedal/lever to lock em up. I have read the hydraulic switches can cause some issues like this, so Im wondering if there is a good fix, or to just switch to mechanical switches. If so, how can I do this to my xr650r? Thanks

by the time they leak out the wires here garbage!

look for higher quality units {gas gas}.

the ones i use last at least 4 years.

I installed a master cylinder with a mechanical switch for the front. I didn't like the amount of pressure it took to flash the brake light with a pressure switch, when you want to warn the person behind you, but not cram the brakes. It was worth the money, for safety, I know the thing is going to work!

I was thinking of trying one of these hydraulic switches because the mechanical rear brake switch works so poorly. From the info in this thread it doesn't seem like such a good idea.

Does anyone know if there are differences between the brands/sellers of the switches? Are there some that don't leak? Is one better than another in respect to the amount of pressure required to turn on?

I've had no problem with the one I got from Baja Designs in 1999. Just put a brand new one on another dirtbike last month, and the design looks different, less beefy. They both work great so far. They are not that expensive to replace.

I think I got got mine from baja design approx 5 years ago & not any problems & no noticable perssure needed to triger lights. Maybe I got lucky? They came in a clear baggy with no name. I could look at unit itself & see if there are any markings if you want. PM me.

Thanks guys. are there any that honda, yamaha, kawi, suz etc use? no gas gas dealers around here. I could order from BD I suppose too.

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