Interchangeable rims...

Does anyone know how interchangeable rear rims are between yamahas. I need a rear rim for my '06 YZ450f and was wondering if a rear rim from a '01 YZ250f would fit on my bike. If not, then what years are pretty much interchangeable? All knowledgeable answers would be appreciated. Thanks.

the 250f/125 rims aren't as wide, i think they are 2.00" wide and the 250/450f ones are 2.15" . i mean you could run one but you would just run thinner tires as in widness.

250 F rims are 1.85 wide. That's too narrow for a 450.

So you can only run 450 rmis then?? Are all the years the same??? Also will a WR rim work if you wanted to run a 18''???

YZ250 2 strokes have the same rear rim as a 450. From 99 to 07 will interchange.

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