more xr650l mod info!!!

hey glenn, i thought you said you were never coming back :bonk:

actually, i find your project interesting as i was thinking of adding kickstart to my bike. and ive also thought of the dual carb system seeing as how i have it on another bike of mine and it works great and it easily the same horsepower as my 650 even though its only a 550. but the way in which you write you make it seem like everyone here should bow down to you and take everything you say as law. people are going to ask questions either good or bad, people are going to state opinions either good or bad thats just the way it goes here and in the real world. if you are going to take offense everytime someone says something you dont like why dont you just ignore it instead of getting your shorts all in a bunch, geez man look at your responses and tell me you would like someone talking to you like that.

Yeah, well Glenn is just a young child, or teenage girl – so don’t expect any kind of mature correspondence from her.

... Daddy fixed up (ruined) her L, so she thinks she can come on TT and demand respect.

Poor baby… HAHAHA…

Do us a favor b_itch, get on your knees and do what you do best…then you might get some props…. But then again… you might suck at that too.

WOW! I did not see where I threw any stones. So first let me start by saying that you are both a sensitive, and cocky little *itch! Your version of the perfect xrl may not be anyone else's. These people that you are addressing may end up helping you down the road when you have problems(sure hope that doesn't happen).

spot on Dave!!! I know when I was estarting my 600R you and creeky and cleaonard were awesome in heldping me get over some litle(!) hurdles.

It's interssting what this fellow has done with his 650L. I have done a very similiar thing from ther otehr end with my 600R:

1. Cuttiing immense weight from 600R flywheel

2. Using a Honda oem crankshaft to achieve the extra length the estart needs.

3. Using a 450X battery centrally located which while not eliminating rhe battery certainly helps.

I retained my kickstart too!!!

OK, i need a little help with my upcoming mod of adding kickstart. seems i cant get a clear pic of what i need as far as parts. i need the whole tranny? whats this i read about cutting the shaft? any help is greatly appreciated!

OK, i need a little help with my upcoming mod of adding kickstart. seems i cant get a clear pic of what i need as far as parts. i need the whole tranny? whats this i read about cutting the shaft? any help is greatly appreciated!

OK, here be the scoop.

Most reliable info is that the XR650L countershaft is shorter than the XR600R countershaft, the L one is missing the end where a gear sits that goes to the kickstart mechanism.

You have to pull the XRL countershaft, and replace it with an XR600R countershaft.

Now Glenn insisted that the XRL shaft was long enough, it just had to be machined on the end to take the gear. This info is in dispute- I think the most likely possibility is there were a bunch of incomplete 600R shafts that got put into some XRLs.

Either way, you have to split the cases, pull the trans, and replace (or maybe just machine) the countershaft.

Plus add all the missing bits, of course.


there is also a idler and idler shaft i think too. thanks dave. so if i can just get a complete xr600r trans, case, kicker, idler and idler shaft and should be good it sounds.

the only difference between the 2 trannys is a shorter gap between 1 and 2??

the only difference between the 2 trannys is a shorter gap between 1 and 2??

I think there are a few gears that are slightly different, the whole set of ratios is posted here on TT somewhere if you need an excuse to get handy with the search tool.

There is a difference in the primary reduction, too, I think. Maybe.

That would just mean you'd pick a diff set of sprockets.

All in all, I think you'd lose a little 'range' if you used the 600R tranny- if you geared the 600R tranny so that you had the same 1st, you'd lose a little top speed.


Here's a look where my XL600R kickstart shaft and idler gear go. The idler gear fits on the end of the countershaft that sticks through the right side case above the kickstarter shaft. A small gear on the back of the clutch is driven by the idler gear which is driven by the kickstarter gear. As everyone has already discussed, the idler gear and the gear on the kickstarter spin all the time as they are always engaged to the clutch.


Here's the kickstarter assembly and the idler gear and bushing are below it.


Here's how it goes together.


This is how they sit in there.



Here it is with the clutch back on.


The clutch cover is the same as the XR650L, except that there is the hole for the kickstarter shaft, as well as the auto decompression lever (the short lever above the kickstarter shaft which opens the small decompression valve when the kickstarter is kicked).


I have a set of XR650L cases that I compared to my XL600R cases and they are virtually identical except for the mounts on top of the right case for the electric starter motor. So I would think that you should also be able to use XL600R parts - they may be easier to find than the XR600R parts, or at least give you another option. Good luck with the project and for the love of God, please take pictures and post them so that we can all learn and share the knowledge. This arguing stuff is a waste of bandwidth. :thumbsup:

Oh, here's my complete XL600R restoration, if it helps to see how it all goes together.

nummie, thanks for the pics. doesnt look like it will be too tough a mod to do. just need to find a complete bottom end... i'd like to swap out the 650l tans. and just put in the 600r trans. shorten the 1-2 gap by doing that . i will definately take pics and post 'em. not that i need a kick start, but being a mod whore, i'm looking for interesting stuff to try.:applause:

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