Dead battery

This may be a stupid question but I'm going to ask it anyway. My buddy and I want to go riding tomorrow but his 05 WR450 battery is dead from letting it sit all winter and now it won't hold a charge. Is it like a car where if the battery is dead then the car won't run at all or can he get by with kick starting it all day?

Thanks for the input.

pretty sure you can kick it over... its not that big of a deal

Try it. If it runs ride it. If it dont then fix it.

I have ridden mine with a dead battery before. You just have to kick start it. But unlike a car the bike wouldn't charge the battery back up by riding. I had to take it out and put it on a charger on low amps for a few hours.

He'll be fine kickstarting all day. Some people completely remove the battery just for the reduced weight.

Sweet, that's what I was thinking but didn't want to be the one who screwed his bike up just because I wanted to go. Thanks for the advise!

Heading out now!!!:bonk:

Kick always works, but defies the reason for having the button! Yank out the battery and put it on a low trickle. Next ride the battery will be appreciated!

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