Brokerage fees on US parts into Canada??!

I am a rookie but would like to hear from other Canadians re: bringing all these great parts and equipment over the 49th. I prepaid for a Clarke tank (CD$ 226 incl UPS) and 2 weeks after it arrived I got a bill for another $76 frp, a brokerage firm (incl GST)!!

Is this normal ? - because it jacks up the price to make it stupid.......

Ordering parts thru a dealer seems to be a better deal......????

Thanks in advance.

UPS and Fed ex are rip-offs. Regular mail is better. There are a few threads about Fed-ex, UPS brokerage charges etc.

Absolutly - go with USPS / Canada Post.

Screw the couriers and their brokerage fees.

Try to make peoples that ship you stuff to sent it as a GIFT with a low value (less than 50$-100$). They must write gift on the shipping papers and 99% of the times you wont have to pay nothing. As the other told Usps/Canada post is the only way to do it!


why would a business want to lie and write gift on it ? that would ruin their credibility.

My advise to you is to not take the advise of contacting the seller and asking him to lower the value for customs.What hapens if it is damaged in transit and they only will insure you for $50.00 to $100...aahhhhhhh!!!:bonk:

I have been buying and selling on ebay for darn near 10 years and I have learnt that you just buy in Canada or if you really realy need it get ready to buck up!It's not the couriers it's the Canadian customs that charge that much!

Check the Canada forum. There have been posts regarding UPS and Fed Ex ripping people off with hidden duties. There is a link within those posts to sign a list, people that have been charged high duties. A lawsuit is underway I believe, haven't checked in a long time. FWIW

I only buy from the US if they agree to ship USPS.

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