Retruing (sp???) my rim?

I made a dumb beginners move and didn't check my spokes on my new YZ450 until probably 10+ hours on the bike. By that time a few of the spokes on the front rim were so loose you could spin the nut with your fingers. Dumb beginner move 2 was not researching how to correctly tighten them so I just cranked one until it was tight, moved on to the next one and so on. My wheel looks kind of like when my 2 year daughter tries to draw a circle. Well it's not that bad but it needs work. Is there a way to fix it myself or do I need to take it somewhere? I'll be back in AZ in a week to have my whole suspension most suspension shops do this kind of work as well?

Also, I had a slow leak on the same front rim so I took it to a "motorcycle" shop here in Mexico and they beat up the rim changing the tire. There are places where the rim is slightly bent out from the tire where they obviously got over zealous with the tire irons. Is this rim shot? I'm about to sell my '04 WR450, is that the same quality rim as on the YZ450? If so would it be worth swapping out?


the places the rim is bent out are probably from running the bike with the tire low, the loose spokes definitely didn't help the rim situation. same thing happened to my 06, my spokes were tight though, mine flatspotted at the rim lock. i think the rims just arent as strong as they used to be on the newer bikes(quality of materials)

The article doesn't make it sound too hard but I'll have to figure out how to make a jig. Is it fairly easy to do or am I'm better off taking it somewhere? What about the places where the guys bent the rim out slightly away from the tire when the took the tire off the rim? Is that a big deal? I'm just wondering if my rim is shot and I should add that to the order of stuff I'll be picking up when I go to the States this coming week.


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