Slow comming back down to idle

Hey. Just picked up an 06 WR450 yesterday and it's slow comming back down to idle after closing the throttle, it keeps reving for a few seconds before idling. The dealer did the airbox mod and removed the baffle, but the WR throttle stop is still in it as well as the AIS and stock jetting because the AIS kit is on back order. I know it has to be re-jetted right away as my head pipe starts to glow, but I'm not sure if this is causing my idle problem?


rejetting will definitely help. Meanwhile I would try playing around with the air/fuel mixture screw.

sometimes, which I don't think is the problem in your case, an intake leak can cause that.

Larger pilot jet should make the problem go away. I had to go up two sizes when I built my bike. You'd probably be fine w/ only a single step up judging from the mods.

Once the larger jet is in, then fine tune it w/ the air screw.

Thanks for the tips guys! Can't wait until the kit comes in!

A hanging idle like you discribe is due to to a lean mixture. Re jet and be happy.

a hanging idle can be because the hot start is stuck on.Check the cable isn't routed to tight around the steering stem,hot start jammed on for some other reason

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