XR650L-alternator capacity

Hi There,

I'm in the market for a XR650L to use for commuting. In the colder seasons I would like to use a heated vest and grips. Would there be enough power in the stock alternator for these accessories? In addition the headlight has to run all the time.


I think that the spec is 185 watts at 5000 rpm. Sometimes those numbers are conservative and sometimes optimistic. It's hard to know without trying it. Add up the watts of what you are thinking of using and as long as the total is less than 170 or so. You need a few left over so the battery stays charged. The ignition is 12 volt powered so give that 10 watts. I don't know how much it actually uses, but 10 watts is a decent guess. The ignition, the headlight, and the tail light are about the only things that are on all the time. To save a few watts replace the taillight bulb with a LED version. That should give you about 100 watts to play with.

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