Moose Radiator Guards (Review)

I just bought and installed the new Moose radiator guards on my 06 450. I am happy with them, they seem very strong and were fairly easy to install. The directions say to drain coolant but of course I tried to install them without draining it. The right side no problem, the left I had to unhook the big hose that goes down the back side and spilled a little. Maybe if I just had leaned the bike to the right I would have been fine, or just follow the directions and drain it. The guards went together nice and look cool. The white louvers fit fine with black dowels on top and bottom that say Moose racing on them. The only negative is replacing the shrouds. With the guard installed it adds a ¼ inch on each side and pushes out the shrouds. They come with a spacer and longer bolts for the bottom but the shroud still had to be stretched to line up the rest of the bolts, not bad though. You could trim the shrouds some to make them fit better.(I didn't) All said and done they seem very solid and I would buy them again. Some places had them on backorder, I found them at Midwestmoto (Ebay) $84.95 and free shipping. I got them in two days.

I originally bought a set of these too. The sales person told me they were braces and guards all in one. When I received them I quickly found out that they are great braces but provide little protection to the front of the radiators. A branch could still easily puncture your radiator. Good for MX or SM riding but that’s about it.

which is better braces or guards?...contemplating whether or not to get Works Connection Rad. Brace.. or Devol Rad guards..

i think the braces just reduce the impact on the rads and prevent them from being pushed back...

your right about the braces, go for the guards. MikeDD, good guards for woods are the Flatlands. I had them on my Honda and was very happy with them. Take a look!

I have the Devol's, no problems with them!

Whats the best brace for the radiators on an 07?? I seem to have problems with smashing up my rads :excuseme:

Whats the best brace for the radiators on an 07?? I seem to have problems with smashing up my rads :excuseme:

I'd recommend the Unabiker guards, they take lots of punishment and protect the radiators very well. They are on the pricey side(not that much) but do the job VERY well.

I'm a huge fan of the Flatlands racing radiator braces/guards. The Flatlands are extremely burly and protect both front and side impact. I primarly trail ride in the tight technical woods terrain, so I punish my bikes by dropping, throwing, and crashing them frequently. Thus far the Flatlands guards have proven impervious to damage.

The Flantlands guards mount up fairly easy, but the radiator shrouds need trimming in order to get them to mount back up. Even after trimming the inside of the shrouds, you have to bend them at the ends to get the bottom radiator bolt to thread.

Here is a picture of them on the Flatlands web site:



Funny you should post about the Flatlands. A buddy was just telling me about those. They look fairly sturdy and look similar to the Devol but with those guards, the fins can get beat up by the roost racing mx. Thanks for posting the pic though, saved me from having to look it up.

I like the looks of the Moose better. Full protection and I can still run my stock deflector sheilds (which work geat for roost)

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