Moly grease, is it necessary????

I could not locate any moly grease today when I was working on my swingarm. So I packed it with red, high temp lithium. Is that okay??? I didnt know what else to do and I wanted to put the bike together ASAP. I am going to service the swingarm within 2 months anyways so I was hoping that the regular grease would work for the time being.

Thanks for your input,


Yeah, that's fine. The key is Resistance to Water. Many of us use the molly because of it's tendency to stay put even in High Temps. I lube my swing arm bearings and lower link every six months, although expereince with the Red Molly tells me I could go once a year with no problem. I ride hard every weekend.....

Bonzai :)

thanks for the info, I kind of figured that grease is grease is grease. As long as you replace the grease within the service life of the grease a guy should be okay.




Use the Moly. The main reason for it's use it that it is a "high inpact" grease. A waterproof grease probably not giving the protection your linkage needs. Just something I have learned from other TT'ers here. Got mine right at VIP. If you can't find any for some strange reason, let me know and I will send pick some up for you and ship it.


You are still Alive! I knew the rumors were wrong.....

I found a white grease and a moly grease at Napa auto parts. :)


Sorry bud, but grease ain't grease. Without going into a bunch of detail. The moly itself acts as micro ball-bearings, great in high stress aplications as in a steel shaft turning in bushings (e.g swing arm), regular grease is more for ball-bearing aplications..If you can get to a boat/marine shop they should have h2o proof moly. h2o proof synth. moly would be the hot ticket..

Just my .02


I found Extreme Pressure Moly Graph at Autozone for about $3.00 and it has worked very well. It is highly water resistant.

Yup, Still alive. I've been watching you.......

Pro Honda makes a moly paste for about $9 for 3oz. It is 60% molybdenum disulfide (don't know what the other 40% is. It is part # H/C 2963866


Correction, it is part # 08734-0001. Your local honda dealer should stock it.

Dan :)

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