Well its white ish

Got tired of waiting for my shrouds to come in (on back order for like 2 more months) so I had my friend just put on the graphics what do you think?


looks good! the blue trim keeps it lookin yamaha!

I like it.

Looks awesome.

The blue sprocket, seat, and outlined shrouds look cool. :bonk:

I actually like it, the blue outline matches the graphics still.

I'm down with that look. Very nice!

I have the same graphics and I kind of like the blue outline look on yours, here are pictures of my bike. You need some black rims. I'll sell you my wheels and tires for 650 and I live in Seattle, so you could just pick them up, they are like new ridden 1 time. Im not commenting just to sell my wheels, but because I like the look of your bike, as it looks like mine, well almost.



Pass on the black rims, your bike has a perfect balance of color. I really like it as you have it. :bonk:

Both of you have very nice looking bikes. :bonk: I dont know what I like better the stock wheels or the black wheels. I think they both look good. Nice job guys.

:bonk: Very nice

I think it looks cool w/the blue shrouds.

Hey thanks guys.

I like it but I would tighten the chain up a bit.

very nice bikes guys :bonk:

I like it but I would tighten the chain up a bit.
You don't own an '06, do you? At least I hope not. They set up looser, and look looser than that. Tensioning the chain on an '06-7 by what it looks like, rather than how it measures out is a good way to break the rear hub.

The chain looks OK to me.

^^^^^^ The chain on my bike is fine, but please look again at the first bike, that chain is rediculasly loose.

The first pic in the thread? Mine looks exactly like that, and it measures 2.3". Yours looks tight, frankly.

man that does look hot. i like how yamaha is the first company ( out of the main 4) to come with limited edition colors on their bikes and i like how some honda people try turning there junkers into real machines by changing the color. i can't wait till i get my '08 450, i wonder what color the SE will be if they have one because if its not that hot im going to get white and a set of custom rims i can't show yet because i don't think it has been done yet.

i can't wait till i get my '08 450, i wonder what color the SE will be if they have one

Hey, maybe they'll bring back the white and hot purple scheme of '88. :bonk:

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