help...I have a problem and yamaha might also.....

Ok month or so ago I did a thread on bike wont go into neutral. So today I replace clutch well its not that its the STOPPER LEVER ASSEMBLY. Its in pieces. So one its backordered for 2 months, but i called yamaha raising hell they found 1 in the US. I will have it by thursday a 10 dollar part for 70 go figure. HERES MY MAIN CONCERN. The stopper lever has bearings all around say 10-12 well mine has zero:bonk: . Dealer and myself ran magnets all in there didnt come back with anything. Do you think they are still in the tranny or have come out in oil change we dont have the old oil. but the way yamahas drain from the sides I am really concerned. What should I DO?????????

Can't help on finding one, but if the '06 is anything like the earlier ones, you'll probably be more able to find the loose balls under the sump screen, which, in the '05 and earlier was more accessible from behind the ignition cover. There should be a fairly large port there looking right in on the screen. Worth a look.

How concerned should I be about these missing little bearings? Dealer and I cant find them. Assume they came out in oil changes and forget it or what? I also bought a magnet drain plug

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