Sprockets and Chain 03 yz450????

Its time for a new chain and sprockets. I have an 03 yz 450 and was wandering what chain and sprocket setup i should go with. I have 14t front and 46t rear now and ride track and trails 50/50. o-ring? non o-ring? ANY suggestions on whats good and whats junk? Thanks


I run a 15/49 most of the time on my '03. Where lower gearing is occasionally called for, I run a 14. The sprockets are Tag, both ends. The rear is finally looking a little worn after over 18 months. The chain is over two years old, and is still not worn beyond 1% over length. It's a Regina ORN-6 O-ring chain.

Like gray posted, Regina ORN.

Also, I Love my Ironman Sprockets. They don't seem to show any noticeable wear after 15 months of trails/track. I believe they're the only maker that gives a one year guarantee about wearing them out.

For sprockets...there is only one choice....Ironman Stainless. These will last longer than any other sprockets .....especially on a 03 450....:bonk:

Agreed Ironman with a DID X ring. Had an 03 too and I only put these on once for 2 years!!!

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