Dirt bagz on XRR

Just got my dirt bagz for the XR650R. I have a pic of them drapped over the back, but frames/fender brace not installed yet due to time. they showed up right before I left for work.

Talk about crazy fast shipping, ordered them on tuesday, got them on friday. Look like good quality stuff too.


between that and this new jacket, I should be all set to explore baja, and go camping in the mountains this summer.


mine is silver not black though.

Anyone try the wolfman beta bags yet? I've got about a year on them now and am very happy. Its part duffle over the seat with saddle bags attached.

I though dirtbagz only rode harley's :naughty: Just kidding guys looks like nice stuff! :bonk:

My luck; the bags would sling under & knobbies would suck up fender & me as well!

My luck; the bags would sling under & knobbies would suck up fender & me as well!

they have a metal framework to hold them out away from the knobbies. just not installed yet. I drapped them over the bike for the pic. I'll put em on/test em in the next couple of days.

+1 on DirtBagz

Just used the "Scout" on a 3 day trip and they seem to have held up well. The Scout was suggested over the "Ranger" by the owner of DirtBagz for the BRP as it hangs down less (better fitment he said). He also suggested not using the X-duffel bag as it's too big for the narrow BRP seat (said they may introduce a skinny seat version this summer). They're somewhat water resistant, but not waterproof by a long shot. I used them for tools, MRE's, spare bits, etc. that could get wet while my dry stuff went into a dry bag duffel.

Also used their bolt on subframe. It seems to have held up well too. Too bad it won't work as a bolt on with any rear racks. Worth the $50-60 to me though...

While not written by me (I'm Sprocket on that forum), there's a ride report here of our 500 mile trip into Mexico and back. Couple of pics of my bike, and 1 of the DirtBagz in use. :bonk:

I've put 11,000 miles on my XR with Dirtbagz int he last year. They carry plenty for what the bike is, and I've done 3 weeks of traveling with them at a time.

Cheap, durable and the quality is there.

I dunno about cheap, 200 bucks for two small bags is kinda pricey to me, maybe I should ride a KLR:excuseme: :bonk:

Here's a pic, just washed the bike after a 100 mile loop mostly off road, got a little air. only 1 32 oz gatoraide in each side, but don't really notice em much when riding. I'm happy, and should make my next trip like this one good.



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