Finding dirt and grime in Oil filter???

Ok for the second oil change in a row I'm finding little particles of what seem like dirt and grime in my scotts stainless filter. At first I thought it might of been from running the oil a ride or two longer than usual. But I just got done changing it after one ride at around 4-5 hours on the ride and found more stuff on the outside of the filter. Nothing really big just small stuff but definately noticeable. I've been running Rotella 15-40w in there and change it often. Anyone else have this problem?

It's normal to find a certain amount of stuff in the filter. If the size or quantity suddenly changes, that's when you have a problem.

sounds like your bike is suxing trash up the breather tube.....have you been riding in mud and water

I had the same problem with my '06 until I started using a crankcase filter on the end of the crankcase breather tube. My bike would suck particles up the breather tube to the top of the valve cover where they would end up traveling down to the sump and being pumped into the filter. The particles were small (grains of sand). You probably would not notice if it were not for the fact that I clean my Scotts filter in a clear glass jar. If you simply popped the old filter out and replaced it with a new one, you would most likely never see those particles.

Since using a filter on the breather, I find no particles of sand during oil changes.

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