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One of my good friends races GNCC on a LTR 450 Suzuki quad. For those of you who dont know GNCC races are done with a dead engine start, so startin quickly is very important. On the Yamaha YFZ 450 you can hold the thottle half way open when you start and it wll start almost at the same RMPS as when you cut it off. Where the new LTR is fuel injected this will not work as theres no power to the fuel injection when the motor is off. He is getting off the line slow b/c he has to start at an idle. We tried a battery that Scott Summers makes that makes a ton of extra cranking amps on the srart for 5 seconds, in hops to get the starter spinning faster. This really didnt cure the lag problem, and the system could not recharge this bat. and the bike would not start back after a stall. We then contacted a friend who is a former factory Suzuki MX racer for Yosimura Suzuki. He said that the factory bikes are kick start. Helping them start faster and eaiser. Without thinking we hung up and now we cant figure out how they are using kick start with fuel injection? Are they using a carb? Maybe an RMZ motor? Any info/idea on how they are doing it, and how my freind could fix this problem would be huge. Thank guys.

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