bogging 650r

i just got the BRP yesterday and ive already got big plans for her. but first i have to make it run well. the guy i got it from did most of the free uncorking. not the cleanest job but it can breath now. i still need to plug the hole in that diaphram thing.

the bike starts first kick, warms up nicely at idle and seems fine, then you ride it and it wont go past half throttle. it just stumbles and and cant get past it. if i ride with the choke on it has all the power i could want and it revs right past the dead spot with no hesitation at all. all jets are clean

where should i have the main jet nut at? right now its just somewhere in the middle


im running the 68s slow and 175 main. im at sea level. dont know what the needle is or what clip its on, but thats next.

and is the screw on the right side of the carb the mixture screw?

where should i have all my crap set to?

also i cant figure out how to deploy the sidewinder missiles and the oil slick trap

You problem sounds like some sort of fuel starvation if the bike is doing this when it is fully warmed up. Have enough gas? Might want to check the petcock screens inside the tank by removing the petcock. Is your fuel line pinched? Other than that, I would suspect something with the carb like clogged main jet or float valve issues. The needle can affect the carb, but it would not be that bad. The other possibility could be something with the air pump/emissions system that was not plugged up correct.

The main jet nut, #17, (as you refer to it) is a jam nut that prevents the emulsion tube, #21 in the diagram, (I think that is what it is called) from backing out. The needle jet (#3) sits on top of the long emulsion tube in the carb against a counterbore. Back off the main jet nut and then finger tighten the emulsion tube. Next tighten the main jet nut (it is a jam nut) so the emulsion tube cannot come loose when you are changing main jets out.

Mixture screw should be 1.5-2 turns out from bottomed.

Did that help?

Let me know if the missles and oil slick help with traffic as we all know it can suck in CA. You may need a KTM with the random Case Split option for the oil slick deployment.

^ What he said.

The jam nut is not an adjustment point. It's only there to lock down the emulsion tube in place.

If side cover is cut try a 190 main.

fixed it, it was a few things. some how the guy had i so when the choke was on it ran better than when the choke was off. full disassembly and re-assembly proved to work great. the throttle cables were not tensioned correctly, pilot was 3.5 turns out, idle was way off. now that its fixed it freakin pulls hard! the road behind my house is a 45 degree hill (damn steep) and i did a 3rd gear wheelie with just throttle! woooooooooooo weeeeeeeeee. :bonk::naughty::D:bonk:

thanks, now i can order my supermoto wheels and brakes. 91 cr fork is already on the way along with the lowering link.

ps who makes the best smog block off kit. mine looks kinda sloppy.

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