650R swingarm/shock linkage maintenance.

In regards to the bearings for the swingarm and shock linkage in the 650R, I have read about excess wear of these items in many threads. Based on what I read this may be caused by lack of adequate factory assembly lubrication or possibly even the design/grade of the bearings/linkages. As there is no way to maintain (zerk fittings) without disassemby.. Is there any way of telling whether these items are in need of attention before they fail? I ask because after 2 years & 4k miles I don't see any problem with them (factory stock) on my bike and I don't want to embark on the arduous task of making tools & undertaking the disassembly to inspect and repack them if it is unneccessary. Bottom line of what I would like to know, for those that had them fail, or dissasembled them to find they were wearing out...was there any signs of wear/deteriorization apparent before disassembly? Appreciate any feedback>

I did not show any signs. I also ride in wet weather so it helped make it worse. When mine failed, the read bearings at where linkage connects to swing arm it literally cut the bolt during a race an collapsed the bike. These are all read type bearings down there and not sealed all that great. My question is how do you know its not bad, have you looked. It is not difficult to do the bearings at the linkage. The more difficult one is the big swingarm bearing. Still not difficult. Pull these bolts and see what they looklike. It may be orange due to rust. Pack it with some good waterproof grease. Again, its not hard. about 1.5 hours for the average guy.

i bought my bike in march 06 and i went over it in december cause of the snow and if i had left those bearing alone without any more grease there is no way is would have made it though this season. The amount if grerase put in the linkage and head bearings at the factory is ridiculous.....

If your bike is 2 yrs old- you may have a problem.

Although they appear and work fine- the sleeves will start to seaze to the bearings. You may have to heat the swingarm bolt and pound it to get it out.

Dont wait- you may be able to save most of them and just get new sleaves.

Honda does not add any grease to any of these bearings from the factory- it appears.

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