ahhh, love those gremlins

well theres absolutely perfect weather and my plans to meet up with some people to go riding have gone up in smoke. i got up ate a good breakfast and geared up as i do on many other days. out to the bike, top off the fuel and get ready to warm it up (its only 35 right now but going up to 60 today), hit the start switch and nothing hmmm, check neutral, sidestand, clutch pulled... still nothing :naughty: by then i realise the headlight isnt even on so maybe the battery is just low cause i forgot to shut the gps off (probably not), ok get the jump pack just for the fun of it. still nothing :bonk: ok, maybe a loose wire of a plug pulled out so off comes the seat and headlight shroud all seems in order but took everything apart and cleaned all connections and still nothinggggggggg. :bonk: went through every fuse and circuit by now and my mood to ride is quickly evaporating. the wiring diagram in the shop manual is now pissing me off because you need a magnifying glass to read it. oh well at least there will be other nice days to ride. :D

You are reffering to the little poeple off the progressive commercial that go around messing with peoples bikes? Or the AMC variety of the early seventies? Lol, yep its always something, sounds like you should invest in the battery tender for your pig :bonk:

got a battery tender, thats not the problem... battery has full charge and bike still has no headlight or starter even with a jump pack hooked to it :bonk:

Did you figure it out yet? Ran fine last time you rode right? How long ago was that? What could possibly tear up just sitting there? Do you have a dog that likes to chew on things?

Starter relay? :bonk:

Start checking all connections/switches first.

yup reb, traced it to a broken wire in the main loom. rode it yesterday but drove right into my well lit garage at the end of the ride so i guess i just didnt notice the headlight being out and wouldnt notice the starter not working at that time. got the loom off the bike now and replacing the faulty wire, dunno why a bike with less than 1000 miles on it would ave that problem but im just going to fix it and move on....

BTW, i hope those progressive gremlins dont mess with my bike, i already use them for my insurance :bonk:

BTW, i hope those progressive gremlins dont mess with my bike, i already use them for my insurance :naughty:

Me Too! But that was before the marketing ploy, every insurance company wants to be like that lowly lizard:excuseme:

What part of the harness was broken? was it from rubbing on something? I have over 11000 miles on mine no electrical issues thus far. :bonk:

woo hoo, fixed it :naughty: turns out it was a broken wire just on the backside of the fuse panel, odd place to break since there is nothing rubbing on it and its well supported there but its done and back together and ready to ride :bonk::D

Good for you, now go to church tomorrow then go for a nice long ride :bonk:

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